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Albright Charles Albright
Anderson Ron Anderson
Argo James Argo
Armstrong Susan Armstrong
Arnold Joe Arnold
Azbell Bill Azbell
Ball Joan Eileen Ball
Banning George W. Banning
Bell Bonnie Bell Webb
Bernard Richard Bernard
Best Sarah Ezzell
Bieber James Bieber
Bolz E. Arthur Bolz
Brown Patricia Gates
Brown Patricia Brown Gates
Brownfield Diana Brownfield McBee
Bush Judy Bush Donaldson
Carson Emily Duffus
Cirak Gene Cirak
Clapp Eric M. Clapp
Clifford Ellen Mary Clifford
Colby Stephen Colby
Cosens Barry Cosens
Cowles Brooke Plummer
Cuppy William Cuppy
Dale Linda Dale Short
Davis Linda Davis Recob
Dicke David Dicke
Dykstra Judy Dykstra Dennis
Evans Lynne Evans Kinnucan
Ezzell Russ Ezzell
Feuchter Chris Feuchter
Freeman Lew Freeman
Gibson Joan Gibson Collins
Gramer Bob Gramer
Griffith Donn Griffith
Grimm Dennis R. Grimm
Gross James Gross
Hammond Lynn Carden
Hanback Mike Hanback
Hansberger Thomas D. Hansberger
Harold Linda Harold Spahr
Heitger Joyce Heitger Geary
Henry Sandra Henry Yarnell
Henson Karen L Lowry
Hittson Cori Nelson
Howe James M. Howe
Huffman Joy Huffman Claffey
Huhta Susan Huhta
Humphries Molly Dountz
Irwin Robert C. Irwin
Isenagle Carole Turner
Jeffers Barbara DIPietro
Johnson Bill Johnson
Judy Carlos Carlos
Kelley Patricia Hemmeter
Kelley Patricia Hemmeter-Epp
Kelly Mary Welch
Knowles Verna Horner
Kropp Stephanie Kropp Betz
Kuenning Carol Gue
Kyle Jill Drake
Leese Larry Leese
Leste James H. Leste
Lewis Ralph Lewis
Lindahl Betty Lindahl Donnelly
Lund Susan Wuorinen
Magee Bud Magee
Marconnet Linda Simpkins
Mathews Diane Mathews
McClain David R. McClain
McDonald Karen McDonald Steckler
McGavran James McGavran
McIntire Sandy McIntire Henning
Mielke William L. Mielke
Miller Julie Miller Fenix
Minor Larry R. Minor
Morgan Kent A. Morgan
Neer Sandy Neer-Shelley
Norman Tom Norman
Pennington Sam Pennington
Pflaum William Pflaum
Prior Robert L. Prior
Rannells Mary Kay Rannells Dodds
Recob Myron T. Recob
Reetz Sandi Stein
Ross Jerry Ross
Rothgery Michael F. Rothgery
Royer Michael Royer
Rudolph Suellen R. Harpham
Ryan Judy Ward
Sarver Jerry A. Sarver
Schmitter Ginger Graikowski
Schofield Judy Schofield Martin
Sharpe Ronald Sharpe
Short Linda Short
Simpson Berti Will
Snashall Linda L. Cummins
Stalter Bob Stalter
Stinson Sally Stinson Reinhart
Streeter Robert D. Streeter
Stritmatter Jim Stritmatter
Sturgeon Sue Sturgeon Hamilton
Sullivan Sandy Driscoll
Tefft Diane Tefft Young
Thomas Susan Thomas Davidson
Trimble Susan Henderson
Trimble Susan Trimble Henderson
Tucker Phil Tucker
VanSchoyck Robert L.VanSchoyck
Veigel Thomas L. Veigel
Wagnitz John G. Wagnitz
Walker Rich Walker
Watters Molly W. Sutherland
Wear David Wear
Weisheimer Richard Weisheimer
Welch Craig Welch
Williams Don Williams
Wollam Karen Wollam
Yarnell Jeffrey A. Yarnell
Yelton Sue Ellen Yelton Ayers
Youmans Carol Hodges
Zelkoff Annette Trembly

  If you know a valid postal address and/or phone number for any of the classmates listed below, please email us.  

Cynthia A. Shank
Diane M. Mellinger
John A. Parker
Kent D. King
Kermit A. Melton
Mary Beth Parkinson
Marykay Ohls
Norma J. Taggart
Polly Wilson Henderson
Robert B. Ledbetter
Sandra L. White
Stephen K. Givens
Susan E. Hayward
Sylvia Lane Sizemore
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