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Homecoming 2021
It's great to be back!

Thanks to the following Golden Bears for making a donation in honor of Homecoming 2021!

Alice Finley
Ted Nemeth
Jim Hamilton 1956
Merry Hamilton 1958
Jerry Williams 1964
Jill and Jay Ortlip 1972
Michael Dvorak 1973
Phil Hodson 1975
Liz Kimes Holbert 1976
Cathy and Tom Utgard 1982
Brady Bogen 1983
Greg Overmyer 1983
Stacey Cornelius Stepp 1989
Allison McCombe Small 1992
Michael Kanatas 1995
Rob Yates 1999

UAHS Grand Opening
Sunday, August 15 1:00 PM
Channel 10 news coverage HERE

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Thanks to the Class of 1981 for paying it forward to future generations of Golden Bears!

Nate Ellis This Week/The Columbus Dispatch Jul.16, 2021

Upper Arlington High School class of '81 launches $50,000 campaign for leadership...read more... 

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UAHS Class of '81 student leaders: Keith Schneider (left), Debbie (Simon) Sheppard, Cameron Mitchell and Elizabeth (Minton) Myers

Reconnect, share your latest news and special memories, and learn more about Alumni activities and events. Welcome home Golden Bears!


The purpose of the Upper Arlington Alumni Association (UAAA):

  • Be a unifying force that develops and facilitates organized communication between the Upper Arlington City School District, its Alumni, former faculty and the community.

  • Promote the tradition, pride and reputation of excellence of the School District, its students, faculty and alumni through communication mechanisms; social, education and cultural opportunities; and other programs.

  • Develop a spirit of giving that facilitates the fundraising efforts of the UA Education Foundation, the School District and any other fundraising that benefits the School District, its students or faculty.

The Mrs. McKinney Project!

Rodger and Mrs. Mary McKinney.JPG

Did you graduate from UA High School in 1964 or 1965?

Did you have

Mrs. McKinney in

7th grade?

Mrs. Mary McKinney and her former student Rodger Curnow - reconnected at the Teton National Park last summer.

Click below to see news coverage about this project.

She is now 84 years old and lives in Athens, Georgia.

Students in her class in 1959/60 were assigned a project to write a letter to themselves, seal it in an envelope and address it to their home address. Mrs. McKinney promised to mail it to her students after 10 years had passed. She was unable to achieve delivery to 21 students. So all these years she has kept the letters.

The Upper Arlington Alumni Association is hoping to help some of Mrs. McKinney's students get the letter they wrote 60 years ago.

Please check the following list.  If you're on it - we have a letter for you (from you)! 


You can email me at Alice@UAEducationFoundation.com or call 614-487-5007 (ext. 1120) to arrange delivery.

Our list of letter recipients still to be found.

Thomas J. Mueller, Thomas John Mueller

Robert B. Griffith, Jr. (deceased, looking for family members)

Bill Kepley (William)

Jim Abernathy

Jack Ford (could be John)

J.C. Irwin

Miss Martha McCord

Mr. David C. Hall

Mr. J.R. Hartle


We have FOUND & delivered letters to:

Robert Edward Shumaker, Jr. (Tony)  

Peggy Mink Margaret Ruth Mink 

DR EC(?) Lawless

Roberta Loomis Terapak 

Stephen M. Grinch III 

Robert James Eibling 

Cricket Nesser 

Miss Joan Throop Joan Scott Throop 

Allen R. Lewis Jr 

Carol Dignan 

Don Buck 

Miss Nancy Fodor Sloan 

Gene Putterbaugh   


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