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2022 UAAA Council

2022 Council Members

Catherine Stewart Kennedy '99, President

Nic Fortkamp '03, Vice President

Kellie Schoedinger Ali '88

Tony Callander '95

Sheridan Hendrix Evans '14

Jennifer Cook Faure '88

Ann Gabriel '67

Diane Haddad '73

Sam McCoy '07, Recording Secretary

A.J. Norman '11

Matt Stout '90

Kathleen Coughlin '04, UA+Ed Foundation

Angela Lilly Lanctot '96, UA+Ed Foundation

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Upper Arlington Alumni Association Council? Contact us!

UAAA Staff 

Alice Finley, Executive Director
Megan Lewis Potts '94, Assistant Director
Meghan Obergefell, Staff

Jennifer Rigney, Staff

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