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About UAAA

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Upper Arlington Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is a dynamic and important part of the Upper Arlington Education Foundation (UA+Ed), a 501(c)(3) organization established to provide meaningful support to the Upper Arlington Schools.  The Alumni Association has a Council that represents a diverse group of Alumni members who are committed to keeping alumni connected and engaged. 

Learn more about the governance and structure of the Alumni Association and the UA+Ed by reading through the bylaws.

The Upper Arlington Alumni Association welcomes

Alumni Members

All graduates of Upper Arlington High School become members of the Upper Arlington Alumni Association immediately upon graduation.


Faculty/Staff Members

Any person who has served on the Faculty or Staff of the Upper Arlington School District for a period of at least one year shall be qualified to be a Faculty/Staff Member of the Upper Arlington Alumni Association.


Associate Members

Any person who is interested in the welfare of the Upper Arlington School District.


Membership is available at no cost.  All you need to do is keep your contact information updated.


The Upper Arlington Education Foundation and Alumni Association are aligned with and support the goals and plans of the Upper Arlington City School District. We provide meaningful opportunities for each and every student, and are proud to provide resources for programs and projects focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

We value the unique experiences and backgrounds of our community of donors, fund advisors, staff, board members, alumni, volunteers, and school district employees as we work together to further our mission. 

The Upper Arlington Education Foundation takes seriously the importance of students feeling a sense of belonging, safety, and inspiration to reach their full potential.

The Upper Arlington Education Foundation and Alumni Association will continue to:

  • Assess our own processes and policies, including grant-making, to ensure equity among students;

  • Intentionally recruit and develop a diverse board of trustees that reflects our values and beliefs. Members of the board will draw on their diverse backgrounds, skills, talents and perspectives to strengthen our ability to serve our mission;

  • Provide continued board and staff development opportunities in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion that will allow us to continue to support the strategic vision of the School District;

  • Promote the tradition, pride and reputation of excellence of our school district while recognizing the historic lack of racial diversity among our alumni. 

  • Ensure the Upper Arlington Alumni Association reflects inclusive practices where every alumni is encouraged to stay connected and engaged and affiliate groups are used to unite Golden Bears with shared interests and experiences.

  • Partner with our community to ensure needed resources are available to those who are working passionately on behalf of each and every student in Upper Arlington. 


  • Develop programs for alumni to give back through mentorship, volunteer service and financial support.

  • Develop alumni relations at the grassroots level through the Student Ambassador Program.

  • Host the annual Alumni Open House.

  • The Distinguished Alumnus, Outstanding Alumnus, and Inspirational Young Alumnus awards recognize excellence in our community and beyond.

  • Partner with the UAHS Athletic Department to promote individual and team excellence through the Athletics Hall of Fame.

  • Facilitate class reunion planning.

  • Hold alumni social events such as the Homecoming Social.

  • Maintain detailed records of alumni from over 95 years.

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