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Alumni classes are invited to come together to Enhance What Matters Most.

These funds are managed by the Upper Arlington Education Foundation. 

Approved grants benefit the Upper Arlington Schools.

David Auld Class of 1943 Honorary Fund

This fund was created by the Class of 1943 in honor of class president David Auld to be used at the discretion of the UA Alumni Association Board. In 2019, the David Auld Class of 1943 Honorary Fund proudly supported UA Idea Day at the high school.  In 2020, this fund will support the UA Schools COVID-19 Crisis Fund that will ensure that all children 18 and under will have breakfast and lunch 5 days a week through the summer meals program.


Class of 1981 Leadership Fund

The new fund will support Upper Arlington Schools programs and projects that provide students with leadership skills and experiences valuable for their current and future success.

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Class of 1959  Emerging Writer Award Fund

The class of 1959 honors Mr. Charles G. Will's memory by presenting awards to underclassmen who have shown tremendous growth in their writing and are evolving as emerging writers. In 2020, three students were given awards for their writing achievements.


Class of 1960 Professional Enrichment Fund

This fund was established to provide enrichment experiences for professional employees of the Upper Arlington Schools. In 2019, this fund helped to support Responsive Classroom training at UAHS. In 2020, this fund helped to support professional development coaching for UAHS administration.

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Class of 1962 Legacy Fund

The Class of 1962 Legacy Fund supports service learning. Teachers are creating connections for students between curriculum and authentic service opportunities. In 2019, the class of 1962 funded Padcasters for the WARL at UAHS and the UA Mobile Academy. In 2020, this fund helped to support live-streaming equipment at UAHS to allow the entire school community to connect with live events that no longer allow an audience due to Covid-19.


Class of 1966 Fund

Members of the Class of 1966 started a fund to celebrate their 50th reunion. The fund is used to support innovative educational programs in UA Schools. In 2019, this fund supported the Research & Design Lab and students. In 2020, this fund supported the Summer Meals Program and Covid-19 Crisis Fund.


Class of 1972 Legacy Fund

The class of 1972 celebrates the ten-year build-up to their 50th reunion with this fund. The purpose of this fund is to support INNOVATION in the schools.

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Class of 1979 Fund

The class of 1979 started this fund at their 40th reunion. The purpose has not yet been established.

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Class of 1958 Fund

The Class of 1958 Fund is to be used as an honorarium to a former UA student to address the current student body and community in a colloquium setting. In 2020, this fund supported an author visit from Kim Starr, UAHS '73, where she shared her book, Secrets Under the Parking Lot, with students at Jones and Hastings.

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If you and your classmates would like to give back by creating a fund that Enhances What Matters Most, please contact Alice Finley, Executive Director

614-487-5007 ext.1120

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