A History of Generosity


Your gift is important.

In keeping with alumni association trends, we no longer use a dues-based funding model. All UA graduates are welcome as members! But we still need your support. Your generosity helps us implement programs and keep alums connected around the world. Please support the Upper Arlington Alumni Association by making a gift. 


  • Develop programs for Alumni to give back to current students through mentorship, volunteer service and financial support of the Upper Arlington Education Foundation.

  • Develop Alumni relations at the grassroots level through the Student Ambassador Program.

  • Host the annual Alumni Open House.

  • Present the Distinguished Alumnus, Outstanding Alumnus, and Inspirational Young Alumnus awards to recognize excellence in our community and beyond.

  • Partner with the UAHS Athletic Department to promote individual and team excellence through the Athletics Hall of Fame.

  • Facilitate class reunion planning.

  • Hold Alumni social events such as the Homecoming Social.

  • Maintain detailed records of Alumni from over 95 years.

Ways to Give

  • Write a check to UAAA.  Mail to our office.


       Upper Arlington Alumni Association

       1950 N. Mallway Drive

       Columbus, OH 43221

  • Give online.  Use the link below to make a secure payment.  

  • Support the Patron Program.  See information below about a program that allows you to leave a legacy.


  • Make a significant impact for years to come by creating an Upper Arlington Education Foundation Fund. Email Alice@uaeducationfoundation.com for more information.

Become a Patron

All former Life Members are now Black and Gold Patrons and former Golden Bear Members are now Golden Bear Patrons.

Golden Bear Circle Patron: $1000.00

Golden Bear Patron: $500.00

Black and Gold Patron: $250.00

All gifts to the UAAA are recognized on our website on an annual basis.


Already a Patron? You may join a higher patron level by donating the incremental amount.


Pledging: Commit now and pay over time by making a pledge for the Golden Bear or Golden Bear Circle levels.  If you are interested, please email megan@uaeducationfoundation.com.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for supporting the UA+Ed during the 2020 HOMEcoming Giving Event!

Robert Baker '77

Meghan Beery '21

Suzanne Crossley Burkholder '92

Tony Callander '95

Dan Canfield '72

Richard Cottingham

David Crouse '84

Sam Davis '60

Mary DeCesaro Cameron '79

Claire DeWalt '01


Sarah Ross Eagleson '72

Ross Edwards '56

Tom Emswiler '74

Anita Evans '69

Perry Finley '14

Rees Finley '11

Elizabeth Ann Francis '92

Phil and Lynn Glandon

Jack Graf '65

Natalie Greene

Bill Hall '79

Marilynn Pratt Helzerman '60

Sandy Henning

Darla Bayer Herwig '74

Cam Holland '23

Emily Holland '29

Jana May Holland '93

Joey Holland '21

Douglas R. Houser '60

Joellen Huddy '69

Robbie and Tom Hurley

Will Jacobs '77

Elizabeth Johnson '97

Judy Kase '94

Catherine Stewart Kennedy '99

Jan Bradford Koch

Chrissie Landolfi '85

Dave Leach '83

Jack Lehman '26

Carol Flick Line '60

Lois Mahdi '73

TJ and Krystal Mauer

Judy Johnston McConahay '70

Sam McCoy '07

Amy Snoble McManus '00

In memory of Ron Mercer

Jean Mitchell '78

Laura Mills Moore '96

TommyO '69

Jud Perkins '61

William Pflaum

Terry Pletcher '60

Megan Lewis Potts '94

Zack Prout '98

Jennie Lyon Ravary '71

Bobby Reitter '72

Dave Rollins '72

Dennis and Elaine Prichard Rotondo '63

Laura Sickles '78

Sandra Smith '60

Jeannie Merriman Sours '46

Kara Alexander Stearns

Matthew Stout '90

Frankie Tice '09

Molly McNamara Todd '72

Shawn Trell '85

Brian L. Trotier '73

Jeanine Brady Vaughn '64

Pam Cole Vivian '72

Trish Vogel '81

Aimee (Moulakis) and Bob White '93

Madeline White '20

Mollie Nelson Williams '50

Beth Wroe '73